Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out below, together with our privacy policy, constitute the legal agreement between you and Causal Thinking Ltd (“we”, “us”, and “our”, trading as Causal Training) in regard to the provision of the Introduction to Causal Inference Course.

Personal data

Your personal data can be processed by us on the legal bases and for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy

Booking, registration, and payment

You must complete the registration form and pay the appropriate course booking fee to secure a place on the course. Our standard fee is £1095+VAT, but individuals who are currently registered as a student at a higher education institution may pay a reduced fee of £795+VAT. Proof of student status may be required. We reserve the right to refuse booking for any reason, including at the reduced rate if we are not satisfied with your status as a student.

After completing the registration form, you will receive an invoice for payment. After receiving the invoice, you will have 14 days to arrange the payment. If payment is not received within 14 days then your reservation may be cancelled and you may lose the chance to attend.


If you paid for the course and are no longer to attend, then you may request a cancellation by email.  Refunds are offered according to the following policy:

  • 60+ days until the event – 100% refund
  • Less than 60 days until the event – 0% refund

If you are not longer able to attend, but can arrange for someone to attend in your place, we will process this free of charge regardless of the notice period.


All delegates are expected to have a working knowledge of 1) linear regression modelling and 2) the R statistical software environment.

Required hardware and software

Bringing a laptop is required to properly participate in the workshop activities. Many of the activities will be delivered as R notebooks. Delegates should therefore have working installations of R and R Studio on their laptop.

Technical support

We are unable to offer technical support to delegates experiencing problems with their computer or R software installation.

changes to the team and content

We will aim to inform your of changes to the team or proposed content with the maximum possible notice. However, we reserve the right to make last minute changes without notice due to reasons beyond our control (such as illness).

Cancellation of course due to force majeure

We reserve the right to cancel a course due to major unforeseeable forces outside our control. In such an event, we will reimburse in full any fees paid, but our liability will be limited to the value of the course fees paid.

Intellectual property rights

We retain the intellectual property rights for all the materials created by us for the course. We encourage you to use the materials for your ongoing personal education, but they should not be shared publicly, either in whole or part, without permission and attribution.